Monday, September 24, 2018


Free Cats

To celebrate my birthday I am making the ebook of my book of cat stories and poems free for the next five days. Just go to Amazon and download it for free!


Cats, cats and more cats! One can never have too many of them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Free Ebook

For the next five days only my collection FLASH IN THE PANTHEON is available for free on Kindle. This book was originally published back in 2014. It features 123 stories, the longest of which is 999 words and the shortest only 6 words long.

Flash in the Pantheon for FREE

Click on the link above to download it from Amazon UK. For Amazon outlets in other countries, simply search for the book on your Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

Flash fiction is a style of literature I especially enjoy. For example, Yasunari Kawabata's Palm-of-the-Hand Stories, a volume of flash fictions he wrote over a sixty year period, is one of my favourite short story collections. I regard it as inspiring. I enjoy reading flash fiction and I enjoy writing it.

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