Monday, March 25, 2019


Mombasa in Paperback

The ultra-limited deluxe handcrafted edition of Mombasa Madrigal published in Brazil by Raphus Press (see blog post below) sold out very quickly. It seems likely to become a rare collector's item in the future. I have now sized the opportunity of having the book turned into a paperback at a very low price. This paperback in fact includes an extra story that isn't in the deluxe edition.

There will never be an ebook version of this book. Some books, for some reason, don't seem appropriate for conversion into ebooks. There is only the ultra-limited edition that has sold out, and now this paperback edition that is available from Amazon and elsewhere.

I am especially fond of Mombasa Madrigal. I wrote most of it when I was in Africa last year. It is a collection of stories introduced by a novelette that is a fusion of memoir, travelogue and speculation. The fictions that follow complement and amplify the impact. Outrigger canoes with crab claw sails ride the currents of the Indian Ocean into oblivion, the mountains of Kenya loom high over grounded ships miles from the sea, pirates dream impossibilities and scheme them into reality along the Swahili Coast. And always Mombasa, the gateway to East Africa, pulsing endlessly in the heat of the night...

That's the promotional blurb! Hope you enjoy it if you buy it, and thanks for listening :-)


* Mombasa Madrigal (speculative non-fiction novella),
* In African Airspace (short tale written on an airplane while flying over Africa),
* Nothing Will Happen (the very last 'Captain Dangleglum' story),
* Noah the Second (bonus story not included in original edition),
* Sailing to Port Manitou (one of my personal favourites among my short stories).

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