Friday, January 15, 2010


Reconstructed Sunset

I promised to reconstruct the magnificent sunset that Adele and I witnessed on New Year's Day, so here it is! The famous "green flash" mentioned in my previous blog entry occurred at the very instant the top of the sun disappeared below the horizon, which is why it's not included. As you may note, we are seated away from the sun, but that's just so you can see us properly. In fact we faced the sunset during the entire event. I cropped this picture so that none of the zebra-striped cloth backdrop was visible (the reconstruction was balanced on a sofa) but the result is that Adele is mostly missing! As she was one of the best things about the sunset, I deem it only proper to include a smaller photo showing that missing segment. Here it is. You can see plainly how the sunlight glow has turned us orange. I strive for accuracy in everything! If you care to see the full uncropped image, then look here.

Yesterday I received a package in the post, all the way from Ex Occidente Press in Bucharest, Romania. Carefully packed inside were two books. One was Cinnabar's Gnosis, a tribute volume to the superb writer Gustav Meyrink. The other was The Night-Farers by the massively talented Mark Valentine. Both volumes are exquisitely made, books that are a pleasure to hold and behold, among the highest quality books I've ever seen from any publisher. I'm looking forward to reading them both. I'm especially pleased that Cinnabar's Gnosis contains one of my own stories, 'The Antediluvian Uncle'... Dan Ghetu of Ex Occidente Press has a cunning masterplan. He intends to create a suite (or 'masquerade') of tribute volumes devoted to the greatest of the half-forgotten European masters of weird fiction. This Meyrink homage is the first volume in his project. The second will be a book devoted to Mikhail Bulgakov. The third will be devoted to the superlative Ernst Jünger; and Dino Buzzati, Bruno Schulz and Leo Perutz are also scheduled for tribute volumes...

At last I know what Adele looks like! Somehow, I always imagined her with longer legs... Now I see why she couldn't escape from you!

So the Rumanian book is in English... Congrats, and even more for being already plunged in a new novel(la). I may start writing again in my New Year (which for technical reasons is starting exactly one month late).
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