Friday, December 10, 2004


A dainty Disch...

Today I finished writing my 334th story!

This is a landmark for me because it means that I am one-third of the way through completing my big writing project of exactly 1000 stories!

To be more accurate, when I was one-third of the way through writing my 334th story I was one-third of the way through completing this project.

This 334th story is entitled '333⅓' and makes a nod to Thomas Disch, author of the excellent novel 334, by having a main character who has the same name as one of the main characters in that novel...

Wheels within wheels...
... maketh clocks!

Congratulations! Writing 334 stories is a pretty amazing feat in itself, let alone that it is only a third of the way to your goal.
What was number 234 about? And did it have any pies in it? And how many pirate stories is that now?

Fancy a slap up feed and booze-up on the 22nd?
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