Friday, December 10, 2004



Yesterday I bought a rather large piece of fudge. But I gave it to someone else.
Having said that, I did get to eat quite a lot of it.

For Christmas I'll settle for humbugs.

I'm going to be translated into Portuguese. Well not me as such, but one of my books.

Going to see the Frictionless Man playing at Inferno tonight. Can't let the Frictionless Man slip through my fingers...

But it was last night. Oh no, I feel I have made one of my temporal errors again.....

The Frictionless Man will be performing in his home on Sunday and you are invited to attend - it will be a special recorded performance for treasured fans.

What else can I do to make amends?
Gadzooks! I thought the gig was tonight! Oh dash and blast it! I walked past Inferno last night on my way to the tav but there were no listings anywhere.

OK, I'll see you soon anyway!
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