Monday, December 06, 2004


What to do With This?

Now I've started my own blog, I don't really know what to do with it.
I could mention a new anthology of food based fiction which is due to be published soon (hopefully before Christmas). Details are here:
I've written far too many stories connected with food in some way -- maybe this is why I'm more excited about being published in this anthology than in many others I'm due to appear in. I rushed to finish my story 'Grumblebelly' for this book and met the deadline for submissions with only a day to spare (this was after I was given a week's extension).
I interrupted a different story I was in the middle of writing to work on 'Grumblebelly'. This other story was about... sausages!
Yes, I really must cut down on the food imagery!

A blog a blog, what were the chances of that?
Howdy you.

I did a copying thing and got one as well. It lives here .

Now we can take over the interweb-o-tron!

Making a ghost story with drunks. Maybe have owls and hoops in it as well.
More words more words make more words happen!
I agree completley, more words please Mister. Tell us about your prune collection.
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I was very happy the get your submission, Rhys, as well as the poems you sent. I'm also pleased as punch that you have three recipes at the end of your story. You're all over the anthology! I'm glad you're a big part of it, since I'm such an admirer of your fiction.
Hey, who's this imposter above? I'M the real Morriston Burns! How dare someone use my name, I demand you stop right now or I'll take this matter further. (Not quite sure how far, but still...)
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