Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The Mermaid Variations

I have recently been working on a project called THE MERMAID VARIATIONS. This project consists of a book of eight linked short stories with the overall title of The Mermaid of Curitiba.

The idea is that I'm going to try to get this book published in as many different languages as possible, but not in English. In this manner, the end result will be many books that are all variations of a theme, but the theme itself will not be visible. This isn't quite the same as a set of variations without a theme but it has a similar 'Calvino-esque' quality about it...

I am currently seeking publishers from around the world willing to consider this book for translation and publication. For instance, a Portuguese publisher has expressed interest in seeing the completed manuscript (if published in Portuguese the book will be issued as A Sereia de Curitiba), and I've just heard from a publisher in Greece also interested in seeing it.

The world needs a new novel in Esperanto.
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