Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Thunderclaps and Stars

I want to write about the amazing thunderstorm I was caught under last week but the words mostly escape me. I've never witnessed a thunderstorm like it. I was stuck out in the open on the dunes and the sky was incredibly clear and full of stars. The thunderstorm seemed to be contained in a small bank of cloud that sailed around in circles. Every ten seconds or so there was an incredibly bright flash of lightning and this went on for hours, the cloud going first one way then coming back. I got drenched in my sleeping bag but the really bizarre thing was that I could still see the stars. An awesome combination...

I've just discovered that one of my friends is a Druze. I find this fascinating. I don't know much about the religion but I know that reincarnation is one of the principles. I think they believe there is a finite number of souls that need to be reused. I keep meeting people from minority faiths. The ex-boyfriend of my sweetpea is a baha'i. Why are eastern religions so much more interesting than western ones?

If there were more farces involving the exotic religions of the mystic east then maybe the sheen would be taken off them. It just takes one bath and a stripper.
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