Saturday, June 25, 2005


New Job...

The glorious Natacha Atlas has finally released a 'Best Of' compilation album. This will almost certainly be my favourite album of 2005!

I have a new job, starting Monday. It's a boring administration post working in a warehouse but at least it will help to fuel my new travel fund which currently stands at:

I'm getting excited thinking about my itinerary. Portugal will be my first stop in November because I'm planning to attend (and hopefully lecture at) the Forum Fantastico at the University of Lisbon. After that I'm not sure where I'll go. But I have five months to think about it and save as much money as possible!

A publisher in France wrote to me to say that a collection of stories I sent him has finally been translated into French. I had completely forgotten about this book! I submitted it to Terre de Brume more than two years ago and never had a reply, so I assumed they had lost interest. Seems they were working on the translation all this time. I can't actually remember what stories I included in the book. I know I gave it the overall title of 'The Jam of Hypnos' (what is that in French? 'La Confiture de Dormir'?). I'll try to obtain a contents list if I can because I'm quite curious about this now!

(The original English language version of that title story, 'The Jam of Hypnos', is due to be published any day now in a mammoth anthology called POE'S PROGENY.)

Tonight I'm going for caiprinhas and white russians with my friend Sarita at the house of Stuart and Monica. That won't mean much to most people who read this. Then we're going to a global dance night. Should be good!

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