Saturday, July 09, 2005


Oil Painting...

Thanks to the encouragement of my friend Sarita I created my first oil painting last night. I found it an incredibly difficult thing to manage and the whole thing looked like it was going to be an ugly mess. But suddenly something went right and I'm delighted with the result. I didn't plan to paint anything in particular but it ended up looking like a whale. I'll try to take a photograph of it and post the image here if I can get my digital camera working again.

In the meantime I have been writing fiction and poetry in my spare time despite being utterly exhausted each day from work. I have to work all day tomorrow -- the first time I have ever worked on a Sunday. I'm not looking forward to it but at least I get paid double the standard rate for working unreasonable hours. My travel fund will benefit enormously from this -- and travelling is the only reason I have taken such a boring job. I must try to keep my mind focussed on that fact. Boring work will eventually equal Portugal and Brazil or India, Lebanon, South East Asia, wherever...

One of my current writing projects is entitled Feeble Poems for Special People and it consists of writing a poem for every person I've ever known, do know or will know. The rules are that I must have met them (so no internet friends). Naturally I don't expect this project to be ever completed. So far I have only written 7 poems in the sequence. The one I am most pleased about is for Monica Konggaard and it goes something (or exactly) like this:

My Bicycle is Really Yours

(Monica Konggaard)

A doughnut without holes
is a Danish
and so are you.
I doughnut see any holes
out of place
on your face.

You are not a flute
or a motorway underpass.
But I bet Bang
& Olufsen
designed you
at least in part.

That's a beautiful thing you've written there.

I can see the influence of that famous war time-poet Vidal Sasson in your work. Probably a result of your current role in the shampoo trade.

You missed the best vegetable lasagne ever on Saturday. Tut.
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