Thursday, July 28, 2005


One Morning, Two Showers

I pulled a 'sickie' at work today. I phoned the office and made up some story about why I couldn't come in. I didn't have a plausible excuse before I rang so I just mumbled something incoherent but it seemed to work. So now I have the whole day off! This means I can actually write some new material for the poetry reading I am giving tonight!

I loathe the place where I'm working, but I only have to work there four months in total, and one of those months has passed already. Yippee!

This morning I had two showers... It very nearly became three!

Travel fund: £700

Mood: more ebullient than for a long time.

Yay Rhys! Sickie Rhys sickie Rhys, get no peace with sickie Rhys!

Sorry I was not there for you poetry meeting, was rehearsing. Did you get most of the words in the right order and not say "arse cock badger raft" by accident?

I wrote a short poem about Maurice this morning after she woke me up at 6.45am:

You shriek like avian war,
Why can’t play with the ball
With the bell in it,
Instead of inciting morning tinnitus,
You little shit.
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