Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I Left My Reputation in Portugal

Is it a good review? I'm not fluent unfortunately.
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It's an excellent review. Congratulations, Rhys!
Hi Rhys, here goes a rough translations of the article above, from one of your portugues friends:
“In the Line of Borges

Rhys Hughes is welsh and is one of the most auspicious debuts of our (portuguese) literary market. It is also the beginning for a new publisher who is giving us this stories of fantasy and pleasure.

The new publishing house (Livros de Areia Editores - trans: Books of Sand, Publishers) debuts with a book from a welsh writer, Rhys Hughes (born in Cardiff, 1966). It's a modest edition as it is proper for a young and small publishing house, but the least we can say for it is that the choice of Rhys is auspicious and pertinent.
In one of the many websites about the author, (he is still unknown in portugal), one can read that he is "the best kept secret fo welsh literature". There we also learn that in his hometown, Hughes is a cult author. And we can easily understand why after reading these short stories now assembled in The Book of Sand & Other Stories. In truth, one cannot understand how a writer of this caliber has remained unknown until now to the major portuguese publishers.
Massive doses of imagination and a clear domain of literary techniques are the main atributes of his fiction. The stories are absolutely peculiar, with a labyrinthic structure that makes the writing a sort of engineering, schematically structured and complex but nevertheless stylishly accomplished and stymulating narrative interest. Not being Science Fiction, these stories are however fantasy (in the broad sense), and we find in them social and political criticism,and satyre.
Hughes major influences are obvious and we can see in his writings the works of authors as Jorge Luis Borges (the first and most exemplary story in this book departs from a story of Borges), Italo Calvino, Edgar Allan Poe, Kafka, Ray Bradbury, H.G.Wells, Thomas Pynchon. A wealth of "motivations" that show "on the crest of the words" the multiple philosophical alusions tha writer makes, and we instantly recognize them in the various literary references. Rhys Hughes knows very well how to fill a story with very tasty ironic bits, and he does this with a sor of writing that is intelectual and dense, the mixture of all this making the reading an overall pleasure.”
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