Monday, March 20, 2006


Returning to Portugal

It seems I am returning to Portugal fairly soon. On March 29th to be exact. I am going for the launch of my book, Uma Nova Historia Universal da Infamia. The book launch will take place in Porto, a city in the north of Portugal. The last time I was there was in May 2004, almost two years ago! I think that a second launch (of the same book) will take place in Lisbon a few days later. I'm pleased with the way the publishers have dealt with my book and I love the cover they have designed for it! I am looking forward to seeing how they treat the next book I've prepared for them, A Sereia de Curitiba, a totally mad book I can't seem to stop adding to and adjusting!

Lots of other Portuguese type things are happening. A six page interview with me recently appeared in the literary magazine Os Meus Livros, and I have been asked to deliver a talk in a place called Monção. I had absolutely no idea where Monção was, but I checked in an atlas and I think it's in the far north, right on the Spanish (or should I say Galician?) border. That talk is due to take place in May. I have even been informed that a 4 star hotel is waiting for me there! More details when I know more myself!

In the meantime I am currently looking for a job again. I have completely recovered from my injury and yesterday I went jogging again for the first time in more than six months! That felt nice. I'll probably go again later today. This has been a long hard cold winter and I've been reluctant to stir from the house for the past three or four weeks! Seeing the sun again felt like meeting an old friend who I thought didn't like me anymore!

just to tell this: i'm from monção...
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