Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Flights of Fancy in FNAC

Yesterday I had my book launch in Lisbon. It took place in FNAC, a large department store in Chiado in the heart of the city. It was a bit daunting but it progressed well. I read out a new story, 'The Gala of Implausible Songs', which will hopefully form an epilogue to my forthcoming Sereia de Curitiba book. Lisbon is a great city and extremely beautiful in every way. I have been drinking caiprinhas and endless glasses of galão and eating more cakes than I should. But how many cakes should a man eat in a lifetime? To balance this poor diet I have been walking around the city rather than catching trams. I'm not sure if that has helped much!

I've just had my last interview during this trip (for the magazine Sabado), though I expect others in coming months. The Portuguese have taken me to their hearts and it really is a rather wonderful place to be. Publication of my Infamy book seems to have coincided with a new interest in anything to do with Jorge Luis Borges, which is highly convenient for me!

However I plan to escape the city tomorrow. I'm going to take a train to the city of Coimbra and then travel on to Figuera da Foz. I plan a long beach walk, as I did two years ago, maybe all the way to Aveiro. I need to catch as much sun as possible before my return to Wales on Sunday!

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