Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Satori & Baldness

It's time to talk about Anthony Lewis.

The man on the left is Mr Lewis himself, drawn by himself!
In short, he is the bald headed frontman of the band Satori. I have mentioned Satori incidentally in a few tales and written one story specifically about the band. That story is entitled 'Return to Zenda' and it is due to appear in my forthcoming SEREIA DE CURITIBA book. This is useful because Anthony is also the illustrator of that book!

The real band and the fictional band are technically dissimilar but pyrotechnically identical!

Anthony is a rather versatile sort of fellow. As well as being a musician and superb cartoonist he has also tried some acting in his time. He starred in an avant garde film called Crises de Têtes, a film he has still never seen! Tomorrow night (June 14) Satori are playing in the Uplands Tavern, Swansea. I will probably go and see them.

Rhys, it's June 15th, which is tonight. Your tropical disease is making you mistake fours for fives.

My tropical disease makes me mistake pigeons for horses and horses for W.C. Fields, which is why I don't watch Channel 4 racing.

Mr Lewis also knows how to kill a man with a sock full of prunes.
Hello yourself! and thanks for the visit :)
My blog isn't feeling as lonely now
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