Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Dingle Dangle!

This is the tent I used to go camping in the west of Ireland with my girlfriend last week.
It rained quite a lot and the tent was leaky!
But we survived!
I have been told off for complaining too much about bad weather. The person who told me off is the ineffable Huw Rees, drummer in a thousand and one bands, most of them Welsh, some of them Irish.
I have written several stories featuring Huw Rees and several reviewers have mistakenly believed that he is my own alter ego (Huw Rees = Rhys Hughes).
He's not.

What a smart tent. Very well pegged sir.
Hummm are you sure Huw Rees exists? i've heard the call of the lesser sidburned Huw (bum ta ta da bum ta) but never in close proximity to the better travelled crested scribe Hughes? what gives?

oh yeh i've linked to your mind via my new pomo blog at
That tent looks like you made it out of a bin liner, Rhys....
That tent looks vaguely familiar, reminds me of my old rubberised sheet protecting my mattress, (got a new, heavy duty one now).

You been rummaging in the dustbins again, Rhys?

I'm sure I recognise those stains...
Oooh rude! Do you mean a green bin liner, one of those ones used for recycling? I never rummage in dustbins -- or very infrequently!
We now have video proof that rhys and rees are not indeed one and the same but truly individuals. check out Pomo 003
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