Monday, September 11, 2006


At the Risk of Repeating...

I have recently become aware of how often I repeat myself on this blog. The same information about my literary 'achievements' keeps appearing post after post: it's very offputting and certainly not an insouciant way to behave, indeed one might describe it as souciant, if such a word exists!

I therefore must bow my head in adequate shame to announce yet again that the launch of At the Molehills of Madness, my latest book, is taking place this coming Friday (September 15th). The venue is the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea. The launch begins at 7:00 PM and there will be free wine, readings; and music from the rather wonderful Frictionless Man.

I am hoping to make this event slightly different from the usual booklaunch. I have invited a number of people from radically different backgrounds in the hope of encouraging some form of cross-fertilisation in the local arts scene. I plan to use my time on stage in front of the microphone to plug various talented individuals I am pleased to know personally, including the artist Helena Eflerova, musicians Stuart Ross and Monica Konggaard, the writer Steve Redwood and many others...

The extremely talented Mike O'Driscoll will be there too. O'Driscoll is one of the finest writers currently living and working in Wales and he will have copies of his first book The Unbecoming to sell and sign...

A book launch you say? In Swansea? Must have escaped from the zoo.

Make sure you introduce us to everyone you can Rhys, this week I'm feeling friendly.
But how friendly? That's the question!
Well, not willy/fanny touchy friendly. More along the lines of nodding and saying "really, how interesting" and meaning it.
But along which lines? Parallel lines that meet at infinity? Wavy lines?
One line runs from Oslo to Bombay, the other from Titan to Ganymede. There is a third line which is dead straight but has no fixed postion, meaning it can be used for all sorts of purposes, all of which are over enthusiastically political and contentious.
It also sometimes obscures the letter "i" in "position", but not all the time...
So to launch these books of yours do we need to bring any sort of propellant with us?
He used a trebuchet in Portugal, or so I hear.
I'm not going to use a trebuchet in Swansea. I might use an onager instead. Or maybe a ballista.

It's true I'm thinking about moving to propellant based launches... but only when I've got Von Braun to help me.
You can borrow my mangonel if you like, I'd offer you my bricole but the wheels fell off (as my wife always tells me, if you don't use it, you'll only lose it) however, that's another story...

Re: Von Braun, why can't I get anymore toothbrush heads for my Braun electric toothbrush? That's what I'd like to know... flipping Germans (don't mention the war), all Vorsprung durch and not enough Technik if you ask me.
fucking idiots

Hey Morgan said his first two words!
two words!!! i know far more than that, i'm almost speechless.......

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