Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Playing the Guitar to a Baby!

I was delighted to meet up with my friend Carly again at a Farmer's Produce Market on the weekend. Carly's baby is now walking (very unsteadily) and has gained a certain proficiency in music. I wish that Huw and Manuela had stayed just five minutes longer and then I could have introduced their own little baby, Morgan, to Carly's bigger baby, Shayli. As it happened, I was able to introduce little Shayli to Joseph, the little baby of Elena and Tim 'Sunblush' Prosser, a man whose conversational manner was memorably described by Stuart Ross (of the Frictionless Man) as a "tannoy manned by a flying pumpkin head with the mannerisms of Bruce Forsyth!"

The last time I met Carly and Shayli was before the summer... Playing the guitar to a baby is easy because they don't know what a tune is supposed to sound like. Even a really bad musician such as myself can get away with playing musical instruments to babies!

It's a sobering thought to think that one day those little babies will be as old as I am now -- living through the final week of their thirties! But I need a sobering thought or two at the moment, to negate the amount of red wine I drank at my book launch... And talking about books, I've just finished writing my latest, The Less Lonely Planet, and I've even drawn an imaginary map for it. I'm delighted that the last book of my thirties is one that is so inventive and so resolutely silly!

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