Monday, September 18, 2006


Still in my 30s!

My next birthday is less than a week away. But right now I'm still in my thirties! I need to make the most of that while I still can!

Last Wednesday, at precisely the same time my work was being performed in a cafe in Helsinki, I took part in a poetry slam here in Swansea, which I won (Well I came joint first with two other people)... This means I have to take part in the 'semi finals' -- about two weeks from now.

As for my book launch on Friday night... There are various ways to launch various objects -- trebuchets, mangonels, ballistas, etc -- but my book was launched like a surfboard on a wave of red wine... I would like to thank everybody who came because they wanted to, and everybody else who came because they had to, including Dave Woolley, events organiser (I don't know his official title) for the Dylan Thomas Centre. Mr Woolley has his own book launch in the same building on September 21st...

I think that I've just had a short novel published in France (in French). I'll report on this in more detail when I know for sure!

Young slacker, i know when your birthday is, it is in my diary and there it shall remain. Let me know what you are doing for your fortywardly barabrithday, if anything at all. i enjoyed Friday it was almost fun...
Hey, what about some photos of the event? I'd like to see that wave of red wine... (any remains of that fine Alvarinho you sipped in Monção?) ;)
Don't worry about your fortiethhh..ooops, said the F word! Well, don't worry about it: we'll have some more of the old adulation game in the Forum, in November, so you'll feel like a crazy pop idol again (would two rows of high-kicking, bespectacled and smart-looking teenagers at the entrance screaming "Rheeeeeeeessss!!" suit you?)

Pedro Marques
And your work was also washed down with red wine - and went down very well - in Helsinki too, especially with the Welsh contingent. Yes: there *is* a Finnish-Welsh Society!
Nice blog, Zoe! Anyone who writes with such glee about a giant bell, a giant tank and a giant dust bunny has got to be onto something!

Thanks Pedro. Unfortunately the only photographs I have available at this particular moment are all very unflattering... If I get hold of some decent photos I'll put them in the public domain!!!!!!!!

Good Mr Huw! Thanks for doing the sound. Let's meet up soon!
I've posted a few photos of the event on my blog, I had to take the nude ones off after being warned they would scare kids and adults of a nervous disposition. However, email me privately and I might part with some (handy for keeping cats off your lawn)
Your photographs are the unflattering ones I was talking about, Bob! No thanks!
Just saw the photos! Hmm So that's the effect Welsh red wine had on us: a self-satisfied grin from ear to ear. I want some of that too! Can you ship it to Portugal? We can reverse the whole wine market cicle! ;) Cheers!

Pedro Marques
Ok, there's a few more photos here:

I can't say these are very flattering either!
Oh, by the way: your books found another enthusiastic critic, the same one who interviewed Jeff VanderMeer in July. By the sound of it, we're looking at yet another full page on Friday supplement in a major daily paper.
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