Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Bob Lock

This is a true to life picture of Bob Lock. He really does look like this... I'll have to disappoint those who want to know more, as I don't know much more myself, but I guess his blog is a good place for the brave researcher to start... here.

The Evening Post ran its article on me today. I knew this was the day it was due to appear and so I went out early and bought a copy of the newspaper. A truly cool and refined sort of fellow would have disdained to do so... Why am I so interested in reading about myself? It's not as if such an article will be telling me more than I already knew. On the contrary!

We are endlessly fascinating to ourselves. Or are we? I anticipate a time when I become a passé subject to myself. I haven't reached that stage yet... The mighty Madrid based publisher, Bibliópolis, have just confirmed that they want to publish my New Universal History of Infamy in Spanish. I found this news highly interesting, I did.

Woohoo, Rhys! Congratulations! At long last, your talents are recognised.

Luis Prado is an excellent chap with great taste, you won't regret the Bibliópolis edition.
Evening Post article is here:

Thanks Luis!
I'll re-edit my blog entry, incorporating that link!
Yes, Bibliopolis are an amazing publishing house! This means I can be read in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, etc, as well as Spain!
See you in about 2 weeks!
That picture is nowhere near what I look like!

For a start it has too much hair, my moustache isn't that gaucho and I can't play a ukelele.

I do have legs and that Prince Albert attachment was suppose to be a secret...

"The book didn't receive many reviews in Britain but it caught the eye of publishers and critics in the US. Now it has become a much sought- after collector's item and copies are regularly sold on eBay and elsewhere for 500 or more."

So, that's 500 squid? sheep? conkers? :)
Hi Bob!
I assure you that you really do look like that: in fact the likeness is ukelele -- I mean uncanny!

It's not really a ukelele, of course, but a giant key that symbolises a 'lock'. Your lower half resembles a buoy at sea so that you can 'bob' along on the currents...
Hey, Rhys,

I thought the article was great. The photo was particularily good made you look mysterious. however....Why the fuck did the EP use up a 3rd of the fucking page with a freaking Pumpkin????? for christs sake, give with one take with the other. Well done rhys your firmly on the radar matey. More razzle dazzle of the EP Please.
Thanks Political Commentator!
Yes, I don't know what the pumpkin was about. Corny, of course, but I didn't really expect anything different!
Oh! It was a pumpkin!

I thought it was your photo, Rhys :)

Very tasteful, Bob!
I shudder to think how you found that image. What words exactly did you type into Google?
Congratulations Rhys! I only know you via your work and via Stu's Blog (through which of course I have found your Blog), but I am very pleased that you're getting such (undoubtedly well-deserved) recognition.
Thanks 'Hughes the Booze'.
With a name like that, for a time I wondered if you were me, but it turns out that you're not!
I'm not sure if an article appearing in the Evening Post counts as success?
I mean it's not like winning £60,000 for writing a book about an orchard (I'm assuming that's what Rachel Trezise's book, Fresh Apples, is about...)
Hi Rhys,

All I typed in was, Welsh writer whose work is of a humorously eccentric bent, and Wikipedia threw up your name (they really should do something about their projectile vomiting...)

I typed in Welsh writer who specialises in jerky wrestling holds and voilá up came mine...
Rhys, we need to book your flight! Please contact us, and give us you phone number(s)! Cheers!

Pedro Marques
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