Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Paper Chase

Seems that I was featured in another major Portuguese newspaper recently, even though I'm not in that country! This article (apparently favourable!) appeared in last Friday's Diário de Notícias. In the picture I look as if I've just been electrocuted but I'm sure that wasn't really the case!

Since winning the poetry slam on Saturday I've been stopped in the street (in Swansea) by people who now recognise me... Well one person did so. About an hour ago. Which was nice.

I was also flattered to be asked by Swansea Central Library for permission to set up an archive of my works. The librarian who approached me declared that she wanted a definitive collection of my books "for posterity, for people who live one hundred years from now..." and I tried not to giggle: I thought I was the only person who spoke in such grandiloquent terms!

Quite favorable words in the article (ask Luis, who's even quoted in it). He wrote it out of sheer enthusiasm, and gave it a full odd page!

You've got gunfighter eyes going on. Where you just about to call some 'onary varmint out?
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