Thursday, November 16, 2006


Cobbled Together Hills

I arrived in Lisbon yesterday in the rain. It rained very heavily and the raindrops were even bigger and splashier than those that habitually fall in Swansea. The streets of Lisbon are all cobbled, and the pavements are narrow and full of people, lampposts, boxes of fruit and fish, cafe tables and chairs, etc, and the cars are very fast with very splashy tyres, and the trams are very large and appear around corners in a very unexpected, scary way. So it was hazardous walking through the rain to get out of the rain. Furthermore the roofs of the buildings all seem to extend out to a point that is also the midpoint of the pavements, so the rain pouring off those roofs makes gush-curtains on the heads of the unfortunate pedestrian who is forced into them by the obstacles placed before him... I got wet.

But today the sun came out and very nice it was too. I attended the Fórum Fantástico and read four short stories. Then I had a photo shoot and an interview for a newspaper (can't remember which one: but I'll find out). I'm only in Portugal for a week. I didn't meet any of the people in London I planned to meet, apart from Sarita, and I doubt I'll have time to do so when I fly back. Maybe next month?

Hello, the last i heard you were sad and lonesome and now you're in Lisbon via Londres. Be nice to see you though when you've had your fill of paid European adventure! Onward Philius. x
Rhys, thank you so much for your brilliant lecture on Borges last Thursday, which indeed saved the afternoon from drowning into academic boredom. And, again, you made a mark on the newspapers.
The newspaper was "Diário de Notícias" and the interviewer was José Mário Silva. Despite the abundance of photos taken that afternoon, none appeared yet. Maybe next Friday, on the 6ª supplement, if they do another piece on the Forum.

Check it out:
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