Friday, November 10, 2006


Just Like a Duvet

The Less Lonely Planet
Charted by Rommel Cobra on his Day Off
(very inaccurate)

Every silver lining is wrapped in a big black cloud, and so it was for me, when my cherished pirate novelette was rejected yesterday, only twenty four hours after I submitted it... No matter. It will be published elsewhere (I'm sure) and in the meantime I managed to sell my most recent book, The Less Lonely Planet, to a new upcoming press, Humdrumming, whose senior editor is a former Emmerdale actor... I'm always delighted with all my books, in fact I'm particularly delighted with them, but with THIS book I'm particularly particularly delighted... It's so very daft! The supposedly-relevant map above was drawn after I finished writing it, and is almost completely useless, praise be!

Seems that the big black cloud that covers the silver lining is wrapped in its own silver lining, which probably has its own big black cloud, and so on, and so on... I'm just glad I'm not the person who has to change the covers! Duvets are bad enough.

I also sold another novelette to moutons électriques... 'The Old House Under the Snow Where Nobody Goes Except You and Me Tonight' has the longest title (so far) of any of my stories. It made the cover of Postscripts #2 a couple of years ago and now will be available in French. C'est bon, n'est-ce pas? Beaujolais nouveau! In France my surname apparently is Hugues. I like that, don't know why, but I do.

In hospital your surname is Huge. You like that.

Bad publishers for rejecting your lirate book. Pirates are hot at the moment, really hot.

I remember one piece Emmerdale Farm. It was two men fighting in slurry and dung. Very arousing.
I meant pirate not lirate. Who would reject a book on lirates? No one with a brain behind and slightly above their face.
According to my Brewers, lirates are poetical and musical pirates prone to fibbing. So your choice of the word was right, and need not lead to friction between us.
Is that a buoy I see bobbing off the coast of Wales?
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