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Well life has been truly rubbish since I returned from Portugal... I have come to the conclusion that I am thoroughly disliked here in Swansea, simply for having talent and trying to use it. I can hardly believe I was standing in wonderful Sintra just over a week ago, and now I'm back in a place I can only describe as utterly vile. I need to get out.

I am going to give myself six months to make this move. I'm not sure where I'll end up, but anywhere else will be a start. I want to leave Wales and Britain completely, but that might not be possible for a long time yet. We'll see. London might be a stepping stone. Most of my friends are leaving or have already left for a variety of locations and it finally seems inevitable that I will join this exodus.

May 2007 is therefore my provisional date for my escape.

Go, Rhys, go! I am living proof that escape is possible. (Lytham St.Annes ... shudder.)
hey man, i understand you getting a little blue but its seems a little sweeping to state that Swansea is utterly vile!! perhaps that just applies to the buildings and people! Call around missed you last time i was on my Jazzy Blues festival duties, take care man
My dear boy, you and Manuela are exceptions to the 'utterly vile' bit. There are other exceptions too, but I have to be a little sweeping. How else am I going to get my life clean?
It's probably the piss-poor weather, Rhys, it gets everyone down, add to that the damn traffic chaos in town centre due to the 'upgrading' <- insert snigger here, of the one way system (I was stuck in the side road to Swansea library for 40mins because the lights decided that red was the in colour today) and it's easy to get blue, not green however...

Re moving away, I spent four years in Italy and loved it but the shitty city dragged me back, weird eh?

A thought: If you're trying to be Wales's most prolific writer and you move away from the Principality then does that mean you'll have to start again?

Example, should you go to somewhere exotic like Milton Keynes or Bognor Regis, then surely it negates what you've already written?

Just trying to be helpful :)

I've had a bad week too, had three rejections and two of them were from my wife...
It's not just the weather, Bob, although that's a big part of it. It's not just the rejections either. It's other things I won't go into.

Still, even if I move away I can always come back for visits. I'm sure I will.
Swansea: a pretty shitty city. :-)

I've not seen the Kingsway lately, but heard the good things your local council are doing.

I don't think I could leave, but I know my life would be easier if some organisation would give me £10-20k and I could make a *serious* attempt at full-time publishing.

C'est le vie and Nadolig Llawen.
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