Monday, November 06, 2006


Parrots & Pirates

I have been looking after two parrots on behalf of my friends, Stuart and Monica. They aren't big parrots but little ones (cockatiels?) but as I like the word 'parrot' that's how I prefer to refer to them... Parrots are associated with pirates and I've just completed a 17,000 word novelette for a pirate-themed anthology currently being edited by Jeff VanderMeer... I have written a lot of stories featuring pirates in my career, so it seemed only natural to gather all those previous rogues together in one sea and have them fight it out, to see who's best! I've never had so much fun writing a story!

Other so-called news:

Howdy pardner, nice to see you getting business like in your moribundity, bullet points and the like! hope you are well and when are the frictionless duo returning? more questions later Hugo Nagasaki
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