Friday, December 08, 2006


Mr Gutterspout

On the evidence of this photo, I have a new job -- as a gargoyle!

This week has been an improvement on last week, but things are still not too good. Hopefully they will continue to improve until I can say that things (in the following order) are: not so bad, much better, very good, great!

I finished my 'Hemisemidemiurge' story last night and I'm pleased about that. It's an immensely complex piece, both in subject matter and form. Bragging is not a civilised way of behaving but I honestly believe that no other author in Wales could write such a story. The range of obscure knowledge, the originality of the central ideas, the manipulation of paradox: these essentials put the text beyond the standard Welsh aesthetic. I'm not saying the piece is good, merely that its creation required a worldview more in keeping with certain mainland European and/or South American writers. (I do happen to think it's excellent, however!)

Last night I went to see a Satori gig at the Uplands Tavern. The support act consisted of a couple of gentlemen who played avant-garde soundscapes, reminding me a little of the late 70s chamber-jazz trio, Azimuth. It was nice just to go out and listen to some live music. I can't wait to start gigging myself next year with the extremely talented duo of Stuart Ross and Monica Konggaard. Mr Ross has been writing nice melodies for my Sereia project and now it's just a case of keeping our fingers crossed that the British Council will see fit to provide funds to take us to Porto and Lisbon!


On seeing that photo I had a sudden urge to shout out:

'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair, so that I may climb the golden stair',

but I locked myself in a darkened room for 10 minutes and I'm feeling better now, though I was a bit Grimm for a while...
The Man in the Remains of What Was Once a High Castle, by Rhys Hughes
Very cool photo, Rhys. :)

Good luck for the Sereia project!
Thanks Safaa!
As you are one of the characters in some of the Sereia stories, you are part of the show, I guess!
As the moment the show is just a plan, but hopefully it will become real in the months that follow!
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