Friday, January 05, 2007


Real and Imaginary Wheels

Every piece of fiction I write is connected to every other piece: at least that's the idea. I am slowly creating various story cycles, lots of them, that I like to call 'wheels', and all these wheels are interconnected with other wheels, like the gears of a machine. But what sort of machine?

Although I have just completed my 400th story, I'm not yet ready for a rest... Maybe when I reach 500 I'll take a nice break. Having said that, I may need to slow down later this year as I'll busy with a project involving other kinds of wheels. Bicycle wheels. Yes, in the summer I plan to embark on an unfeasible bicycle journey. Well not quite 'unfeasible', just long. Long for me, I mean. Lisbon to Barcelona in fact...

Last year I finished writing three books. I intend to do the same this year, although I'll be happy if just two come together. My main priority is to complete my big novel, The Clown of the New Eternities. Another novel, Wuthering Depths, is also high on my agenda. Additionally I have started a new sequence of linked stories featuring a sort of Welsh Münchhausen called Castor Jenkins. I don't have an overall title for that book yet.

There's a good chance that my story 'Mortar Baby' (originally published in Leviathan #2) is going to be reprinted in the giant BEST OF LEVIATHAN anthology. Even better: there's also a chance that the anthology will be named after my story. The Leviathan anthologies gave me my first significant break in the USA, and thus I have a special fondness for them, quite aside from the fact they are the finest anthologies of fantastical fiction to see print in the past decade.

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Have you been working hard today? And not just at backgammon this time. Chiding!

That's what I meant to say the first one. Revising!
Time, not one. Blithering!
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