Monday, February 12, 2007


Fumbling the Fimbulwinter

In Viking Mythology the Fimbulwinter is a time of three successive winters without summer, a time just before the end of the world when snow and ice reign supreme... and yet the gods and monsters and heroes struggle on, hitting each other with axes, drinking mead, going about their everyday Norsey business.

We had a single day of snow in Swansea -- just one -- and everything came to a halt. Remarkable!

Oh you speak as if it is a bad thing!

I will gladly trade you a day of snow for a day of sunshine.

Heck i'll trade a week!!! :)
See? Ragnarök proves there is no such thing as global warming.
I did not even get a chance to get lost in the snow and grow a beard and befriend a bear who would be tragically killed by folk singers hunting the Great White Garfunkle in the Rocky Mountains.

But, I have revived the Frictionless Man blog...
Escalla: I don't have a week of snow to trade with you, sorry! Or do you mean you'll trade a week of sunshine for a day of snow? If you do that, there might be an imbalance of days at the End of Time... The auditors won't like that and there'll be trouble!

Luis: do you have a brother by the name of Loki? Loki Rodrigues? :-)

Mr Frictionless: hurrah for the resurrection of your blog! To celebrate I'm going to play chords on a harmonium, when I get one...
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