Friday, February 16, 2007


"Monsters Need to Take More Care!" (Stuart Ross)

Swansea is full of monsters. And I'm one of them apparently -- one of the biggest. Do monsters ever apologise? If they do, then I offer (here in public) my apologies to Sinead Ni Bhriain... but to nobody else.

I can't draw, as I've said before, but many other people can... My lovely friend from Macedonia, Brankica, has just sent me some of her drawings. She's a cute sort of brujería who likes to mess up people's hair and create beautiful chaos. Her drawings are wonderful, astounding, delightful, vibrant: they crackle and fizz with energy and colour... They are totally unlike mine. With luck she may allow me to display one or two on this blog. I will certainly ask!

I've just had some good news, but I'm not allowed to say what it is until next week...

In the meantime, if you like Venezuelan psychedelic funk, check out this.

Superfucker indeed.
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