Monday, March 19, 2007


Chatanooga Atchoo Atchoo!

Those curious Finn-Brit Players are doing their thing again -- in fact they've already done it. But there are two more performances before the thing is done for. Odd pun there somewhere, don't know where... Anyone in the vicinity of Café Engel, Aleksanterinkatu 26, Helsinki, on the nights of March 21 or March 28, will be able to catch what they missed on March 14 -- in other words a varied and splendiferous program including pieces by me. Oh lovely! The theme of the show is 'Dreams & Travel'... Zoë Chandler, Queen of Finland and funniest blog writer ever, will also be performing some of her own work. Should be good; certainly it is far away, at 60°10′N 24°56′E!

People around me are collapsing with colds and flu. So far I have avoided sneezing, coughing and snivelling! Last week I was tricked into thinking that spring was on its way -- I even arranged a frisbee extravaganza with Miss Frisbee Girl on the beach, but all in vain... Massive black clouds returned to dominate the Swansea sky. You call them 'clouds'; I call them rascally argosies of moisture! Today I got hammered by sleet on my way to work. Boppo! Yes I have a new job at last, it's easy and well paid, so probably won't last long.

The Queen gives you one of those curious little back of the hand waves in thanks and asks - for an independent opinion on a much debated topic – what's coming out of the famous Kouvola train's funnel?
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