Friday, March 09, 2007


In Soviet Russia the gigs play YOU!!

I repaired my digital camera yesterday -- by 'repair' I mean that I went out and bought some batteries for it. It has been sitting unused in its box for more than 2½ years. I was pleased to find lots of photos on it that I took in 2004 and never transferred to a computer. Photos of Lowri, Catherine, Thomas the Cat and a pair of Armenian puppets I had forgotten all about! The above photo does NOT show the puppets...

Once more armed with my little magic box, I went to the Tav to document (in a highly amateurish way) two gigs -- Frictionless Man (see image) and Satori. It was an interesting night. Both bands played well. I met Sally from Cilycwm*, Hannah, Bob and Neil, all in different parts of the room, and I drank maybe too much beer. Also, to my shame, I smoked an 'après-gig' cigarette or two. A one off, I assure you, as I'm not going back to that habit!

I imagine I am going to become a right little nuisance with my new(ish) toy. Anticipating this, I have opened a flickr account here, where I will doubtless show off all my photos, until I get bored and look for something else to amuse me...

I've been having a sort of clandestine fling with a person who isn't single and I think that came to an end last night, which is probably a good thing. I find life complex enough already without too many shenanigans... Having said that, shenanigans can be fun. I'm undecided on the matter. OK, shenanigans are great! Did I ever sign a contract stating that I have to be consistent?

* The second person I've met for real thanks to MySpace, about which I'll have more to say in the future...

Ahhhh, shenanigans. The best things I have ever done have been shenanigans. In Soviet Russia shenanigans are up to YOU!!

Very nice picatoors. Next tip: try screaming "EXUDE" before you take each picatoore.
Welcome to the ranks of Flickr! :)
When you lurched over to me with camera in hand, side-burns trailing along the floor and the new prison-style haircut, I thought..
Bloody paparazzi, my book has only just gone live on Amazon and they're pestering me already...

Imagine my surprise when I realised it was you and you were just moonlighting taking snap-shots with your Brownie and trying to fleece people with the promise of 'Incredible photographs that would put David Bailey to shame!'
You could have at least put film in the damn thing...
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