Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Palm Whale

This is the only painting I've ever done. Well, the only painting I've done in the past twenty years. I never planned to paint it, I went to visit my friend Sarita and we ended up messing about with paints. Not very good, is it? In fact I feel sorry for any wall it hangs on... But it does convey a maritime theme and serves as another excuse to mention my forthcoming Postmodern Mariner book. Hurrah for that!

I have decided (in literary terms) to finally turn my back on Wales. Does that sound pompous? I hope so. In the past month I have had lots of story acceptances from various publishers around the world. I am due to appear in a great number of anthologies later this year, particularly in America. I also had one set of rejections: from a Welsh literary magazine. Now I'm not overly sensitive about rejections: nobody who wants to succeed in the writing world can afford to be precious about bounced work. It's just part of the business. But this particular rejection has goaded me into thinking carefully about why I am so eager to be recognised in Wales.

Why indeed? I have been chasing success in Wales with a pathetic desperation... WHY??? It's time to end this ridiculous obsession. Never again will I give first refusal to Welsh publishers (who pay less anyway and have a much smaller readership). From now on, my work goes only where it ought to go. One day Wales will come running after me... on its little stumpy legs!

By 'Wales' I don't mean the handful of good independents -- like the publisher of my own Postmodern Mariner (have I mentioned that book yet???) -- but the mainstream press, the 'New Welsh Review' and its ilk.

Anyway... the sun is out more and more these days. I went for an amazing walk in the Gower with Miss Frisbee Girl and she showed me a path I never knew existed. We sat on the cliffs overlooking the sea and watched a fabulous sunset. Then it got cold. Sometime very soon I am going in search of Prometheus Teddy and I'm taking my camera with me to prove he exists. If he's not still there, no-one else will ever believe in him!

Very ' Vincent' I thought, explains why you have spoons for ears, I'd often wondered... :)
Vincent as in Vince Noir? Well that's better than being like Howard Moon, I suppose! :-)

Why exactly do I have spoons for ears? I have no idea! I don't think I ever knew... I imagine they are those big spoons used for serving salad. (The dressing for that salad would be 33% balsamic vinegar, 66% virigin olive oil).
No, not Vince Noir but that Van- Cough guy, wasn't he the one who invented Corvonia or something?

Nice salad dressing recipe BTW, I'll have to try it, where can I get virigin olive oil though? :)
Where else but Virigin Oils, a subisiduary of Richarid Braniston's massive business impire.
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