Saturday, April 07, 2007


At the Bookies...

After my first book was published in 1995, I set myself the goal of having one book published every year. As things turned out, my scheme was soon foiled -- I had no books at all published in 1997, 1999 and 2001. However, 2002 was a three book year for me... But this year looks set to be even more crowded with my volumes: indeed 2007 might turn out to be an EIGHT BOOK YEAR! In random order, those eight books are:

* WORMING THE HARPY, Prime Books (reissue of my first book with an introduction by John Clute and an afterword by E.F. Bleiler),
* A NEW UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF INFAMY, Bibliopolis (the Spanish version of the American edition),
* THE LESS LONELY PLANET, Humdrumming (my book of 'Happenstance' stories),
* A NEW UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF INFAMY, Polis (the Greek customised version of the American edition),
* THE SMELL OF TELESCOPES, Eibonvale (reprint of my fourth book),
* THE CRYSTAL COSMOS, PS Publishing (my first SF book with an introduction by Michael Bishop),
* A SEREIA DE CURITIBA, Livros de Areia (collection of linked stories published only in Portuguese),
* THE POSTMODERN MARINER, Screaming Dreams (my book of linked strange sea stories).

This list is in random order because I have no idea which of the eight is going to be published first. So make your own guess! And while we're at it, let's have a little competition... Anyone who guesses correctly will win a free copy of that particular book. Choose one title only and leave a message here...

I say "Worming the Harpy" because it was first in your random list. This means that if your list is right, I win! Hoopla!
Ok, I say "The Smell of Telescopes", then.
A Sereia de Curitiba
The Less Lonely planet

That is my guess.

PS Gifford
The Crystal Cosmos. Just my humble guess...
The Eventful Walk in the Plank is my's just a guess.
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