Monday, April 23, 2007


Vanishing Act

I've deleted my last post. It was an outburst that didn't really represent what I felt about a certain matter. My behaviour has become erratic recently and I need to sort that out before I can proceed with anything else.

The rain has returned to Wales. Fog, mist and a cold wind. The lettuce under my window has started to die.

You okay? Pop over for a chat if you want, cup of tea etc etc. I've done erratic before, in fact, past present and future! take care man
Thanks, Huw. I might come over and see you soon.
Keep smiling.
Rhys, no hard feelings! Read the email João has sent you. As for me, I still am a great admirer of your work, so let's think ahead. Cool your head a bit, and we'll still have books making the bridge between Wales and Portugal. As Sam Peckinpah would say, keep'em coming! Cheers.

Pedro Marques
I hate to sound like a lightweight, but my erratic behaviour and paranoia had a simple direct cause -- THC, massive amounts of. Now I've stopped smoking skunk I feel much more stable already.

I might have to say goodbye to my old friend marijuana forever... This is just for me. It's not a moral. Everyone else must do whatever you choose to do!
Strangely enough i was going to mention that very fact!!! ye olde THCe. It can have quite an effect young fellow me lad. Give it to me instead!! I mean it......GIVE IT......
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