Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Getting Shirty

Those inventive fellows at Livros de Areia have concoted a scheme that involves printing extracts from their books on t-shirts. They plan to create a t-shirt for each one of their writers. My shirt features a very short story (originally a mini-saga) about an asteroid and a postman... This reminds me that I need to get at least one t-shirt printed for my forthcoming sponsored bicycle ride, something along the lines of LISBON TO BARCELONA (WHAT A FOOL!)

I have been invited to the Spanish National SF Convention as a 'guest of honour' in Seville at the start of November. Not long after I was first published (way back in 1992) I vowed never to attend a literary convention as a member of the public. I would only go as a GUEST OF HONOUR. Such arrogance! But my patience has paid off... (The fact I have attended one or two small conventions in my time as a plain chap shouldn't be allowed to weaken my smugness -- and in fact it doesn't).

My talented and lovely Macedonian friend, Brankica, has appeared in a music video that can be viewed here. She is the drummer. My friend Huw Rees is also a drummer but he's not as sexy.

I may not be as sexy to you Hughes, but to many lady boys i'm the epitome of a good nights work. and you can see me, here not miming! and actually live! Nice video though Brankica, and good drumming,its always good to see female drummers, not enough of them. peace out!!
I'm not a drummer but I am sexy. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY!
A good song, really: a sexy drummer and a sexy violinist. Now, that's where Genesis went wrong... ;-)
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