Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Toucan Play

I was feeling a bit frazzled last week but I'm much better now. I don't know how a man who does so little can get so tired. It's a mystery! But maybe I'm being artfully modest and perhaps I am actually a very hard working sort of fellow. No, that's not true... I think that lack of sunlight has something to do with my recent lassitude. I need to be sizzled for a long time, something that Welsh summers aren't often capable of doing...

Hot on the olive-and-feta heels of my Greek book, two more of my books are ready for the printers... The second edition of The Smell of Telescopes is due to appear soon in Slovenia, while the Spanish edition of my Infamy book is scheduled for publication next month. My Spanish book has a very strange cover that can be viewed here. Lots of gnomes, I don't know why, malign gnomes on the march...

Both books were slightly delayed by my inability to provide my publishers with a decent author photo of myself. I tried again and again but there was always something wrong with the photos I sent. The problem is that I know amost nothing about photography. My recent attempt to take a photo of two ducks on the beach at night is truly laughable and can be viewed with suitable derision on my flickr account.

I have a photographer ready and waiting for you old boy, I could have sworn I told you. Just say the word!
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