Thursday, June 21, 2007


Midsummer's Day -- Rainy in Wales!

I packed my bags, drank the last of my coffee, washed my bedsheets, cleaned my room and left Waunarlwydd with a tear in my eye... I had booked my flight successfully for the early hours of this morning -- Stansted to Granada -- and was fully prepared for the start of my adventure... but the coach to Stansted airport was fully booked, so I missed my flight.

What a buffoon! I have just booked another flight -- to Malaga -- and this time I'm flying from Cardiff -- but it doesn't leave until Sunday. So I'm still here in Wales for another three days, lying low, hoping nobody I know sees me -- because I have already said 'goodbye' a dozen times!

I said goodbye to Huw and Manuela last week, goodbye to Stuart and Monica on Sunday, goodbye to Miss Frisbee Girl on five separate occasions, goodbye to Hannah every day for the past ten days... but I'm still here!

How shameful!

I believe that once I arrive in Malaga I will begin travelling towards the Alpujarras. I don't know for sure. Maybe I'll go in the other direction, to Tarifa. I have had several offers of work from various farms. The weather in Andalucia is sun, sun, sun for the next week. The weather here is rain, rain, rain until the end of time!

I'm getting the feeling Waunarlwydd is conspiring to keep you in it's wet embrace...
Thanks Escalla! You are right. I feel like Josef K trying to reach The Castle... Castles in Spain, in fact! But I really believe I will be there in two day's time! I hope so, at any rate!
Your sooooooo full of shit rhys!! have a good trip and dont miss the bus!! debbie, SIHE
I like the cut of Debs.c jib, how full of shit are you man? are you brimming? or just comfortably full!

have a good one

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