Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Stony Ground, Stony Mind!

On Monday afternoon I caught the bus from Malaga to Lanjarón, a village on the western fringes of the Alpujarras hills. I spent the night under the stars just north of the village and then walked to the village of Órgiva the following morning. The footpath I took wasn't the GR7 but the GR142. The walking was hard, over very uneven ground, but the views were spectacular. I arrived in Órgiva looking rather sunburnt.

Órgiva is host to a sort of New Age community. There's a tepee village on the outskirts called Beneficia and that's where I spent last night, with a bunch of hippies. They gave me figs and chapatis to eat. Then the hash pipe was passed around and I got really stoned! The music and camp fire were nice but my head was all over the place. I got so stoned that I didn't know who I was or where I was! But the place has a great vibe.

Earlier today I caught the bus to a village called Cádiar. Later on I'm going to walk the remaining 8 KM to the Valle de Sensaciones, which is the organic farm where I'll be working. It's also another sort of New Age community. I'm going at the right time because there's a full moon party on Saturday. Should be fun!

The Alpujarras are amazingly scenic, lots of tiny villages high in the hills with narrow roads winding between them. Walking any distance is proving to be hard because of the heat and difficult terrain but I've managed to cope so far!

Don't forget you whuthering gourd to ward off those envenomed rattle cats and the swarms of stiffly crickets.

Will you be planting hippies or picking hippies?
"Your" wuthering gourd rather. I'm not calling you a wuthering gourd, that would be mean.
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