Monday, June 25, 2007


Pick a Casso, Any Casso...

This time I actually made it to the airport on time! I flew in a plane full of British holidaymakers -- the worst kind -- on their way to the Costa del Sol... Not the best start to any trip! It was a relief to land and get away from them. The temperature here is in the mid 30s centigrade and the sky is relentlessly blue. Not a cloud to be seen anywhere! I spent the night in Malaga airport because I'm trying to spend as little money as possible. It was boring but my MP3 player helped me to survive the ordeal!

It is almost exactly three years since I was last in Malaga. The city has a scruffy, dusty charm but I'm looking forward to catching the bus into the Alpujarras hills later this afternoon. I'm heading to the village of Lanjarón where I'm hoping to join the long distance GR 7 footpath. My destination is a little farm near the village of Yátor and it should take me two or three days of walking to get there. If it proves too difficult I'll probably try to hitch!

I haven't really done much in Malaga. I went to see the house where Picasso was born. I drank a cup of coffee. I sat in one of the parks. I guess I must be conserving my energy!

Hello, Rhys. Congratulations on your Spanish publication. Now you're fully Iberian :)

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