Friday, July 13, 2007


Dulcimer Nights

Even when the French are hippies, they still manage to be intellectuals... The two French guys turned out to be excellent company and very interesting individuals, chess players, devotees of Boris Vian and Raymond Queneau, as well as fine musicians and good cooks. We had a couple of music nights at the Valle, playing a selection of drums, ocarinas, thumb pianos, didgeridoos and various stringed instruments. Probably the most fun I've had since I arrived...

The neighbours directly opposite the entrance to the Valle are English. I went to buy some eggs from them. They have goats who have recently given birth. The baby goats are very funny! This is a very beautiful part of the Alpujarras but it seems that soon it might be spoiled. There is a lot of new road building in the area. I feel I am seeing Yator and its environs for the last time before it changes forever...

I made sangria yesterday and it was much appreciated, but I was chided for the depth of my ploughing. I often wonder if hard agricultural labour is beyond my abilities and stamina. I am coming to the conclusion that it is. In that case I'll move on soon, maybe next week. After all, I don't want to ruin my soft aristocratic hands with too many blisters!

I heard today that the second edition of my Smell of Telescopes has just been published, in Slovenia. The third of my eight books for 2007! I am hugely delighted, of course, as I consider this to be one of my best books.

There are many more photos of my travels so far on my Flickr account here.

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