Monday, July 02, 2007


What a Boar!

The road beyond Cadiar was impassable on foot, so I hitched the rest of the way to Yator. I found the entrance to the Valle de Sensaciones without any problem. It's an extremely narrow valley bounded by high cliffs, a remarkable place, a maze of tree houses, clay huts, sofas on high platforms, rope bridges, fuller domes, caravans... I feel like Robinson Crusoe walking around every day! There are musical instruments everywhere, sculptures in the gardens, a swimming pool, solar panels, a bodega full of old fashioned tools. The food is tasty, including fresh olives and local wine! The project is run by a fellow called Achim and his girlfriend, Rahma. Work has been hard because I'm not used to physical labour! I have been sawing logs and making clay walls to turn a cave into a little house! In the intense heat of the day it's a wonderful feeling to jump into the cold pool for a swim!

The valley is divided in two by an old dam wall. The further part of the valley is a bamboo grove, very isolated, where I sleep. I sleep in a nest! This consists of a wooden platform suspended in a circle of interwoven willow trees. There are wild boar in the valley. I saw their tracks down by the stream. Scary at night, especially when it is so dark, but the moon has been full recently and when it rises over the mountains the entire valley is flooded with soft light. It's really rather magical. In honour of the full moon we had a Full Moon Party on Saturday night, a small but pleasant gathering with great music, beer and (inevitably) marijuana. I met a girl from Melilla who is a Borges enthusiast and we had a long conversation about the impossibility of a non-Spanish speaker ever writing a story in the genuine Borges style. I am sure that my Infamy book will convince her otherwise!

I think that the Spanish version of my book has generated some interest over here. I have just been interviewed (by e-mail) by a journalist from the EFE news agency, apparently the biggest in Spain. I guess that must be a good sign!

Sounds like the Moon of Endor, just watch out for the Empire and their stilt walkers! peace out
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