Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The Doge of Bibliópolis

Last Night I went to the Plaza Santa Ana in the heart of Madrid to meet my Spanish publisher, Luis Prado, de facto ruler of the Bibliópolis empire. Luis is an extremely pleasant and engaging person and his girlfriend Ágnes is no less sweet and charming. I was pleased to introduce Luis and Ágnes to my friends, Rosa, Isabel, Steve and Frank, and we passed many pleasant hours with beer and tapas...

I have started a photography project that involves taking photos of various people around the world reading my books. Here is Luis Prado himself caught in the act! Most other writers would probably prefer their subjects to be smiling, winking or kissing, but I have insisted on expressions of dismay and bewilderment. This approach is more original and more modest. Am I not a self-effacing fellow? Am I not the most humble writer alive on the planet today?

The first photographs in this project can be viewed here. Others will follow in due course!

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