Sunday, August 05, 2007


Lazy in Madrid

After I left Orgiva I went to Granada, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, just for one night. The temperature reached a high of 44 degrees celsius in the middle of the afternoon, slightly too hot even for my tastes! I went to look at the Alhambra, naturally, but I took it fairly easy. The last time I was here was three years ago when I came with my former girlfriend, Catherine, who had been a student in the local university in the 1990s. I have mixed feelings about Granada because of this association with her. My relationship with Catherine was volatile to say the least! But the time we spent in Granada was rather excellent, I have to admit, and there was an incident with one hundred cherries that I’ll probably never forget…

The following morning I caught a long distance bus to Madrid. We stopped for a break somewhere in La Mancha and the heat was astounding – there was a strong breeze but it was a hot wind. Now I know what a loaf feels like in a fan assisted oven! I rose to the occasion. Madrid was cooler, only 38 degrees or so. I turned up at the apartment of my friend Steve and flopped on the sofa. Something in my body and mind switched off at that point and I’ve done almost nothing since then. Tomorrow I need to go back to doing things! Actually that isn’t entirely true: on Friday night I went to a street party somewhere in the centre of town, meeting up with Frank, a German translator I first met here in 2005. We drank too much beer.

After a week of walking in the mountains I looked quite rough. I cleaned up somewhat in Madrid and no longer look like the person in this photo!

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