Friday, August 24, 2007


One Evening, Three Salads

I left Wales exactly 2 months ago, but only now have I fully relaxed into my new environment. It always takes me that long to re-orient myself, which maybe is slow by some standards. Already I might be halfway through my trip, and the thought of having to return back to Wales fills me with a profound gloom. If I can stay away for longer I will -- ideally I'll never go back -- but there's always the tricky question of money...

The first two months have been excellent, with considerable adventure and romance, and I've even managed to do some writing!

Last evening I went to the house of my friend Rosa for a meal. Three salads were served simultaneously, as well as couscous, mango, wine, beer and rum. A fine feast indeed! Earlier in the day my friend Steve Redwood had a mild heart attack, and armed police with dogs filled a neighbouring street for reasons I still haven't worked out, and I knew I would feel slightly guilty for adding this serious sentence to the preceding lighthearted sentences in the same paragraph, and I was right!

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