Thursday, September 13, 2007


Somewhere in Aragón...

I've had a good week doing simple enjoyable things. I went to an art exhibition in Cheuca, one of the most vibrant and interesting parts of Madrid; I went to El Pardo north of the city for a lovely walk with my girlfriend along the river; we went out drinking and meeting friends and took turns cooking for each other... Now she's away from Madrid until September 22, so I have decided to follow her example and go on an excursion for 10 days. Yesterday I caught a bus to Teruel, a pleasant town in the south of Aragón, and that's where I am now. This is a part of Spain I've never visited before. Tomorrow I plan to go to Albarracín, an old moorish village about 30km west of here.

I always intended to visit Albarracín on this trip, primarily because the source of the Tejo is in the mountains near that village. Why I'm so keen to visit the source of the Tejo is a mystery even to me, but it seems a good place to launch another message in a bottle, this time to Rosa, who is in Fuerteventura. I see no reason why a bottle shouldn't float the entire length of the Tejo before entering the Atlantic Ocean at Lisbon and then continuing onward to the Canary Islands... The only potential problem is that my friend Safaa might fish it out by mistake while looking for the bottle I sent her a few weeks ago from Toledo... It would be ironic indeed if Safaa got Rosa's message and Rosa got Safaa's, so ironic that it might well happen!

Apologies to anyone waiting to receive an e-mail from me -- my internet access at the moment is minimal and probably will be until I return to Madrid!

Rhys, get in touch with us ASAP by email. The BC at Lisbon needs some info from you, so they can take care of the flight reservations.

Pedro Marques
Livros de Areia
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