Friday, November 23, 2007


Finca, therefore I am!

If I could remember how it went, I might now be humming ‘Down on the Farm’ by Camel, from their seminal 1978 album, Breathless. That’s because it’s thematic. I’ve been living and working on the Finca Rio Pradillo since last Saturday and it has been rather a difficult adjustment to go from my former indolent existence to the tough life of a farmhand. Work begins at 7:00 AM (before sunrise) and finishes at 7:00 PM (after sunset). I’ve milked cows, tried my hand at carpentry, helped to make bread and cakes, and moved more heavy loads from one place to another than I care to remember.

I have a quaint wooden casita to sleep in (a shed) and it’s cold at night. It’s cold during the day too, and rather damp, but when the sky does clear the view is lovely. In the day: forested mountains in late autumn. At night: amazingly bright stars. Last night I watched Orion rise over one of the peaks while the farm was bathed in soft moonlight. My chief companions here are Sebastian from Ecuador and Hector from Segovia. Both are friendly and interesting people. Yesterday I chased a calf from the porch of my casita. It was stamping on the boards for no obvious reason (see picture). Rabbits run around everywhere.

I have a free day on Saturday, so I’m going back to Madrid to see Rosa. I may even laze around a bit!

Going by that photo, Rhys, your girlfriends are certainly getting beefier...
Bob, your talent for comedy is almost as awesome as your talent for poetry. Well done!
Thanks, Rhys!
They say it takes one to know one :)
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That was me, the above post... I made a comment, then realised the animal was not a donkey.

God, I feel such an ass.
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