Monday, December 24, 2007


Merry Christmas!

This touching nativity scene was brought to you courtesy of me. With many thanks to photographer Rosa Tristan. The Virgin and child wish peace and happiness for all. Merry Christmas! Personally I despise Christmas, and I imagine Christmas doesn’t have many good things to say about me, but I want you to enjoy yourselves regardless. You do just that, ok?

I don’t like turkey (or any form of meat) and I don’t like sprouts. I don’t like flashing coloured lights. I don’t like buying presents. I don’t even like receiving presents. Bah humbug! I like humbugs, but not very much. My favourite ghost in A Christmas Carol was the future ghost. He cut the mustard big time. I like mustard. Yes. I also like chocolate con churros. Time I had some!

In Portugal we enjoy a supper of Bacalhau Cosido and have Filhoses and Bolo Rei for desert.
And calmly await midnight where worshipers can go to Missa do Galo and after that open the presents (most families skip the mass).
During Christmas day only the lunch is traditional as a family occasion, and we eat usually Lamb.
Nipple! I see a Rhysian nipple! ;-)
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