Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Coughs and Plugs

I began the year with a dose of mild flu, but now have almost recovered. Everyone is Madrid is sneezing and coughing. I’m taking it easy, waiting for the winter to pack its bags, wanting only to sleep. Hibernation is a natural state for mankind, I’m sure. Nobody else agrees with this. With luck I’m still going to Africa for a final holiday fling before returning to Wales.

I am currently proofreading my Less Lonely Planet book. I have also just finished proofreading two stories for a new anthology that will go to print later this month. Bound For Evil is themed around strange books. My contributions are ‘Finding the Book of Sand’ and ‘Lem’s Last Book’, two of the best stories I’ve written on this particular subject.

A new anti-culture journal, Polluto, has just been launched, specialising in trangressive fiction . My three contributions are two ‘Mr Gum’ stories, both satires against the institution of the creative writing class, and ‘Cracking Nuts With Jan Hammer’, a snacks-and-damnation fable that features Welsh prog-rockers Satori and is told from the viewpoint of frontman and bald cartoonist Anthony Lewis.

Christopher Golden of Dark Horse recently asked me to write a Hellboy story for a forthcoming anthology, Oddest Jobs, and I agreed and pitched him an idea. He liked it. I think it will take a week or so to write the piece. I knew nothing at all about Hellboy before I was approached but now I’ve read several of the comics. This is certainly one of my most unexpected commissions!

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