Friday, February 08, 2008


Crystal Cosmos

All writers make use of spin. On my blog I try to give the impression I find it easy to get my work published. In fact it can be extremely difficult. My fiction often languishes for years before being picked up by publishers. Sometimes initial disappointment leads to a better situation in the long run.

The Crystal Cosmos is my most recent book but it started life as a novellette intended for a particular anthology in 1997. The editor who originally commissioned the piece gave me one specific and slightly odd requirement: he didn’t want the inhabitants of the planet in the story to be described. I fulfilled this requirement. The editor then rejected the piece because the inhabitants of the planet in the story weren’t described.

Such idiocy is not uncommon. I sat on the unsold novellete for seven years then revised and extended it and sold it to Pete Crowther, one of the best editors in the business, and the result is a vastly improved piece of fiction. I should be grateful to that original editor, I guess. But I’m not. Call me grumpy, call me vindictive... but I don’t feel either of those things. I just feel massively talented. Ah well!

Talking about talent, here are my top ten favourite writers...

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How are you?
Totally unrelated comment but saw this and it reminded me of you (i wonder why?)
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