Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Three Graces

Today: exactly eight months in Spain. Not counting the time spent in Portugal, Gambia and Senegal.
Next week: back to Wales. Still not sure exactly when.

This may be my last blog entry from Madrid. Perhaps I’ll have time for one more. Thanks to Luís Prado of Bibliopolis who is paying for my flight home. Otherwise I’d be stuck here!

Not such a bad fate, but coffee and chocolate costs money...

I have been asked for clarficiation of the advice I gave in my most recent post. So here it is. My advice to budding writers is this – never attend a creative writing class! Don’t even socialise with other writers! Keep yourself pure, original, aloof, grand, talented... The alternative is slimy hypocrisy, cowardice and failure!

Who says I’m not allowed to be a demagogue?

The website WoW is about to close.

Livros de Areia have floated the idea of a big collection from me. When such ideas are floated I become a fan of buoyancy.

Last year I had five books published. The above photo shows three of them, filled with lovely words and arranged in a lovely manner on a lovely table.
My next book will be The Less Lonely Planet or perhaps Engelbrecht Again! How lovely is that?

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